Sortable Table of CENAGN Lab Publications
2004NeuroRxUsing advances in neuroimaging to detect, understand, and monitor disease progression in Huntington's disease.
2004NeurologyEvidence for more widespread cerebral pathology in early HD: an MRI-based morphometric analysis.
2002NeurologyRegional and progressive thinning of the cortical ribbon in Huntington's disease.
2004Cereb CortexThinning of the cerebral cortex in aging.
1999Neurobiol AgingSex differences in prefrontal volume with aging and Alzheimer's disease.
2002Cereb CortexGreater orbital prefrontal volume selectively predicts worse working memory performance in older adults.
2001Arch NeurolSelective preservation and degeneration within the prefrontal cortex in aging and Alzheimer disease.
2010Neurobiol AgingAutomated MRI measures predict progression to Alzheimer's disease.
2009BrainAutomated MRI measures identify individuals with mild cognitive impairment and Alzheimer's disease.
2010Arch NeurolGenetic variation and neuroimaging measures in Alzheimer disease.
2009J NeurosciMinute effects of sex on the aging brain: a multisample magnetic resonance imaging study of healthy aging and Alzheimer's disease.
2010NeuroimageAltered white matter microstructure in the corpus callosum in Huntington's disease: implications for cortical "disconnection".
2009NeuroimageAge-associated alterations in cortical gray and white matter signal intensity and gray to white matter contrast.
2008Ann NY Acad SciComplexity and heterogeneity: what drives the ever-changing brain in Huntington's disease?
2009NeuroimageRegional white matter volume differences in nondemented aging and Alzheimer's disease.
2009Cereb CortexThe cortical signature of Alzheimer's disease: regionally specific cortical thinning relates to symptom severity in very mild to mild AD dementia...
2010Neurobiol AgingWhite matter pathology isolates the hippocampal formation in Alzheimer's disease.
2001Neurologist10 most commonly asked questions about Huntington's disease.
2008BrainCerebral cortex and the clinical expression of Huntington's disease: complexity and heterogeneity.
2006StrokeWhite matter alterations in cerebral amyloid angiopathy measured by diffusion tensor imaging.
2009Neurobiol AgingConsistent neuroanatomical age-related volume differences across multiple samples.
2006Mov DisordDiffusion tensor imaging in presymptomatic and early Huntington's disease: Selective white matter pathology and its relationship to clinical measures.
2005Ann NY Acad SciAge-related changes in prefrontal white matter measured by diffusion tensor imaging.
2005NeurologyRegional cortical thinning in preclinical Huntington disease and its relationship to cognition.
1999Arch NeurolPrefrontal gray and white matter volumes in healthy aging and Alzheimer disease.
2008NeuroimageThe relationship between diffusion tensor imaging and volumetry as measures of white matter properties.
1997Neurobiol AgingSex differences in the corpus callosum with aging.
2008Nat MethodsLinking SNPs to CAG repeat length in Huntington's disease patients.
2008NeurotherapeuticsNeuroprotection for Huntington's disease: ready, set, slow.
2001Expert Rev NeurotherNeuroprotective therapy for Huntington's disease: new prospects and challenges.
2005Pharmacol TherThe therapeutic role of creatine in Huntington's disease.
2005Proc Natl Acad Sci USAGenome-wide expression profiling of human blood reveals biomarkers for Huntington's disease.
2001NeurologyStriatal volume loss in HD as measured by MRI and the influence of CAG repeat.
1999Mov DisordRiluzole therapy in Huntington's disease (HD).
1998Neurology1H NMR spectroscopy studies of Huntington's disease: correlations with CAG repeat numbers.